Dr. John Cone, Fit For 90 Co-Founder & CEO

The Fit For 90 Intro to Periodization course includes the FF90 periodization tool at no cost as part of the course. This 8-part online course is taught by Dr. John Cone. Learn how to optimize your players performance, development, & injury resistance.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

  • 2

    Developmental stages & periodization of the year

    • The developmental stage: beyond the developmental stage you work at - your player’s previous experiences drive the player you have, and the player you pass on reflects the experiences you have given them

    • Chronological Age Analysis

    • The year starting with the most complex challenge - the individual in the team

    • Periodization of the year: mapping the season

    • Training cycles in the year or season

  • 3

    The Training week

    • The training week: planning starts with the games

    • The training week: planning the training loads

    • Addressing challenges: travel, time changes, climate, altitude, & competition

  • 4

    Next Steps...

    • Certification Coming Soon

    • Fit For 90 Periodization Tool (Excel Template)


The intro to periodization course comes with a periodization excel tool from Dr. John Cone to help you plan out your season. Included at no cost as part of your purchase of the course

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    Intro to Periodization Online Course + Periodization Excel Tool

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Social proof: testimonials

“As a coach and coach-educator at all levels, I have experienced a 40-year evolution of soccer-specific fitness and sports science. From the youth to professional player John is able to link the game and science to help coaches at every level improve player performance and development.”

Dave Chesler

“John is one of the country's leading soccer-specific sports scientists. I have worked with him through the USSF, as a coach with my college team, and as a goalkeeping expert. His experiences at the highest levels as a coach and a sports scientist make him an unparalleled resource for coaches”

Phil Wheddon

“Through John's work on the academy director course I have reached a new level of understanding of periodization, the integration of sports science in player development, and the challenges specific to the growth of the youth athlete. The knowledge I have gained has empowered me as a coach, and my players have benefited massively.”

Michael Milazzo


  • How does the referral discount work?

    Give a $20 discount to other coaches and you'll get a $20 credit towards any Fit For 90 coaching ed course when a coach purchases the course. We are simply trying to have an impact with this course and it's our way of thanking you for spreading the word.

  • How long is the course?

    The intro to periodization has 8 classes that are approx. 20-30 minutes each. We will likely add 2-3 bonus classes as well.

  • Can we ask Dr. Cone questions during the course?

    Yes. There will be a Q&A forum, which you'll get access to during the course.

  • Can I get certified following the course?

    Yes. There will be a Periodization certification at the end of the course that you can get by passing the certification test following completion of the course.

  • Can I take the course at my own pace?

    Yes you'll get access to the entire course when you purchase. The first class is available for anyone prior to purchasing as well.